Mustard Magic: Skittles and French’s Team up to Create First-Ever Mustard-Flavored Candy!

Skittles and French’s Team up to Create First-Ever Mustard-Flavored Candy

Hello, fellow fans of sweets! Get ready for a flavor journey unlike any other as Skittles and French’s, two unlikely taste champions, team up to introduce their incredible confection, Mustard-Flavored Candy! Yes, we are discussing candy that has been infused with mustard, and it is here to defy all of your taste perceptions. Let’s explore the fascinating world of Mustard Magic and see how these venerable companies are upending the candy industry.

Attention Skittles lovers, beware, this new yellow candy is not the same old lemon flavor!

The Days Remaining Until National Mustard Day {Create by Skittles and French’s}

In honor of National Mustard Day on August 5th, Skittles and French’s (yes, the unexpected combo) have joined forces in the military to create an entirely new Skittle flavor with the taste of mustard (a candy no one ever asked for).

Skittles and French’s Team up to Create First-Ever Mustard-Flavored Candy!

Before you ask, no, they’re not joking.

As per the official statement released by French’s on Tuesday, the freshly introduced mustard-infused Skittles promise to be “a delectable and zesty delight that will unquestionably elevate your flavor experience.”

The company has referred to this new yellow confectionery as “a confectionery classic that resides at the intersection of spices and candy.”

The mustard-flavored Skittles will only be available for a limited time.

In the press release, French’s stated, “Skittles is a candy that doesn’t need an introduction, but it deserves a lot of love. That’s why when they boarded our ship to mix their candy with our tang, we were thrilled. And then we tasted it and shot it right.”

“Some partnerships make sense. This one doesn’t, which means it absolutely does,” the brand argued.

French’s has already established itself as a renowned name in the Canadian market, becoming a household essential found in numerous refrigerators across the country. Even their beloved yellow mustard is made from 100% Canadian mustard seeds.

An Unexpected Combination of Flavors

Nevertheless, for those excitedly anticipating a taste of this fresh candy creation, they won’t discover it on store shelves; rather, the exclusive access comes via online sweepstakes and special pop-up events, all courtesy of French’s

Fans have a chance to win a complimentary pack of Mustard Skittles by visiting until August 5th.

The mustard-flavored Skittles will be distributed in snack-sized bags at personalized pop-up events in Atlanta, Georgia on July 31st, in Washington, D.C. on August 2nd, and in New York City on August 5th. Limited-edition swag – without any mustard – will also be available at these locations. The presence of the “Mustard Mobile” is hard to miss – a distinctive vintage bus painted in vibrant yellow and adorned with the brand’s logo.

Brave Canadian foodies who wish to try Mustard Skittles can access the sweepstakes for a chance to score a bag through French’s website.

For Dijon-duo enthusiasts, this is not the first time Skittles has experimented with unusual flavors. Previous limited-edition Mustard Day releases have included mustard-flavored hot dog buns, mustard-flavored beer, mustard-flavored donuts, and even mustard-flavored ice cream.

To taste this new Mustered candy, one must be a daring foodie. Will you muster the courage to give it a try?

On social media, buzzing

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Skittles and French’s Team up to Create First-Ever Mustard-Flavored Candy!

Excited fans have already taken to social media to share their reactions to this innovative new candy.

One fan wrote on Twitter, “I have become a mustard Skittles enthusiast (can’t wait to try them out)!” Another commented, “This is the spiciest chip challenge of 2023.”

“It’s absolutely revolting, vile, and wrong. Hey @Skittles, how can I get my hands on them?” one user asked, while another said, “NGEL. I really want to try them. If you want me to rate them, I’ll accept the challenge.”

Another Skittles fan said, “I will try them 1,000 percent and report back.”

As people eagerly anticipate this unusual flavor fusion, it seems that the Mustard Skittles are sparking a wave of curiosity and excitement among candy enthusiasts.

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